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These are products that we use & enjoy!

What do we use!

Everything in our store are products that we have used over the years.  Some we like better than others and some are just plain hard to get!

One thing we do not do is overcharge our clients.  Here you will pay the same price that we pay… Sounds fair to me…

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Johnny Slicks-Rugged

One of my favorites, love the smell
Screenshot 2022-01-30 at 22-02-24 johnny slicks rugged - Google Search

Johnny Slicks-Beard Oil

Works every time.
johnny slicks beard oil

Feather DX Folding Razor

You better know what your doing if you buy this!

Andies Masters - Cordless

The very best!  My #1 go too!

G.B.S Hair Massage Brush

No more bed head!  These work great!

More products coming soon!